A six-piece line-up from Lethbridge, Junkman's Quire boasts a unique blend of influences. Equally comfortable with driving twin-fiddle and cello celtic traditional tunes, sax-powered jazz and rocking originals, the Quire has a sound that you really won't hear anywhere else. 

Winning the South Country Fair's songwriting competition in 2013 and shortlisted for the Ship and Anchor's 2016 songwriting competition, Junkman's Quire makes stand-out music. Junkman's Quire also put the bling into bilingual and can do (and have done) shows in both official languages. Junkman's Quire parle français aussi et est capable de faire des prestations dans les deux langues officielles!

George Fowler

vocals, cello, guitar, balalaika, translator

Grew up playing classical and Celtic music in Scotland. Studied balalaika in Russia, picked up some French chansons in Paris, fomer member of the incomparable St Georges Balalaika Orchestra. Learned a little bluegrass in Ohio, played in the Sault Ste Marie symphony orchestra... Writing and performing in Southern Alberta since 2006. Been singing in the Quire since the beginning. Also performs solo material and with the Lethbridge symphony, Cellissimo ensemble and other groups. Good at translating. Bad at many mainly manly tasks.

Megan Brown

Violin, Viola, Vocals

Megan Brown is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist out of Lethbridge Alberta.  Her musical career began at age three with the violin.  Expanding from the classical training of her youth, Megan has developed a sound all her own which spans multiple genres from classical to country to blues. 


Megan has collaborated with a variety of artists/ensembles including the award winning afro-celtic fusion band Dr. Zoo, The Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra, boogie-blues artist Papa King and esoteric folk group The Dearly Departed.  She is also the recipient of the prestigious Rose Primachuk award.

Isaac Neufeld


Hi everyone, ​

I've been drumming over two millennia. I have lots of percussion toys that I try to use as often as I can in our songs. My drum kit is pretty big and I like to sit in a high throne, so I can reach it all. Roto toms, temple blocks, vibraslap, foot pedal mounted tambourine, wind chimes, cow bells, and a foot pedal operated snare drum, are among the toys I use in my regular kit set up.


I am from southern Alberta similar to Nickel Back, Corb Lund, and Kris Versteeg (2 stanley cups). My family name traces back to northern Europe where the Vikings who raided and pillaged the coast of Normandy bore a similar title.


I dabble in lots of instruments including guitar/bass, didge, mallet percussion, world percussion like bohdran, tabla, djembe, dunbek. I am the music Director for the Lethbridge Community Taiko Association, where I manage rehearsals and performances for a wonderful group of about 30 taiko drummers, we perform 20-30 times per year.


I've performed timpani and classical percussion with Lethbridge symphony orchestra, steel pan, African drum ensembles with U of L Global drums, drums and percussion for various rock, folk or metal bands. I've taught one on one drum kit or djembe lessons, and facilitated group drum circles.


My musical taste is broad. In fact it is easier to say what I don’t like, and that’s music that is too poppy. Like songs that only exist to promote the frail vanity of fame and music stardom. Anything else is ok: Classical, country, metal, jazz, electronic, taiko, even 80s glam rock like cacophony.


Heres 10 fantastic albums in no particular order- blind guardian: nightfall in middle earth. Dave brubek: time out. Neil young: harvest. Pink Floyd: dark side of the moon, beatles: abbey road. Daft punk: random access memories. Gojira: from mars to Sirius. Megadeth, cryptic writings. Robbie Robertson: contact from the underworld of redboy. Steely dan: the royal scam. Animals as leaders: animals as leaders.


I have a primitive studio in my basement where I enjoy recording my own music as a hobby. Check it out for some cross genre cover songs, and original content.

Thomas Scott


Tom Scott originally from Calgary grew up learning an assortment for rigs and jigs with the Bow Valley fiddlers. He has always played in some sort of music group and continues to keep music fun. Tom currently lives in Lethbridge and gets to share his passion for music by teaching the violin at the school where he works.


Tom enjoys the little things in life: A cup of black coffee on a winter morning, the smell after it rains, and Mum’s homemade hamburgers.


Bass/Good looks

This basically sums him up.